The Reactor JS Idea

Reactor JS was created to solve recursive designing in Web & App development. Simultaneously, it aims at offering an efficient designing solution for web developers who do not have advanced programming experience.

Similar frameworks exist, such as React JS and Angular JS, but these require advanced javascript knowledge. Additionally, other frameworks are heavily dependent on external platforms like react. Others are simply complex to learn for the average web designer.
Reactor JS attempts to solve both these issues and offers a simple yet highly efficient solution lightweight and simple-syntaxed code design

Reactor is completely platform independent. This means it requires no npm to launch, it does not depend on a server and does not need any external library besides for jquery.
The idea to design Reactor JS was to have a framework web designers can utilize by simply linking to a CDN and designing apps right away. Coupled with the lack of need of advanced coding knowledge, the framework stands out in its simplistic and convenient advantage.

Check out our demo of Reactor to see how the framework functions and delve into its features.
For advanced users, visit the advanced features page for a full disocvery of the reactor framework.